About Us

About Us


Esoterra Studio was founded by Liza Wynette to provide design and illustrations to small business, nonprofits, and educational organizations. A year later, Andrew Thomas joined as an assistant production designer and editor. Together they are a well balanced team; pairing raw creativity with meticulous attention to detail. 

What makes Esoterra Studio unique? We combine our extensive artistic knowledge with some serious tech savvy to produce beautiful and effective design. We're down-to-earth people who won't burden you with industry jargon. (It's okay if you can only draw a stick figure.) We provide our customers with briefs and project specs that are clear and specific. Deadlines are taken seriously, and we'll always have your project completed on time.

Need an illustration or design work? We can help. Visit our contact page and tell us about your project. Include a summary of what you need and who your target audience is. We'll get back to you in 48 hours. We don't have a price list, because every project is unique. Estimates are free.

We offer:

  • digital and traditional illustrations

  • logo and identity

  • calendars

  • brochures and booklets

  • menus

  • static social media content

  • motion design for video and web

  • animated slideshows (weddings, anniversaries, memorials)

  • website design and development



Liza Wynette began her career in fine art then made the switch to design and commercial illustration in her mid 30's. In addition to Esoterra, she teaches print design, Wordpress, motion design and illustration, at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. She's passionate about the natural world and enjoys gardening, camping, and illustrating insects.

Andrew Thomas honed his fine craftsmanship skills while working as a luthier, specializing in violins. He brings to Esoterra an eye for precision, detail, and superb craftsmanship. He enjoys the outdoors, tending to his houseplants, and reading a good novel.